The battle of the oats Part 2 – Britannia vs Quaker Oats

After reviewing the [Saffola and Horlicks oats earlier](, I wanted to review Britannia and Quaker in this post.

I did have a Britannia and Quaker oats packet the former of Strawberry flavour and the latter of Raisin and Kishmish flavour.

The original I intended to review was Strawberry and Lemony veggie mix but I realized thats not a correct comparison. Furthermore, I had received a free pack of Britannia Oats which was well past its due date of 6 months from date of manufacture (in this case April 2012) – so I didnt want to get food poisoned. Just to give it a fair chance, I also checked for a new pack at the store – but no store stocked Brittania anymore. Also a search for Britannia Strawberry oats shows up images for Quaker and Horlicks which shows where Britannia is in terms of sales figures or popularity perhaps.



Given these technical difficulties, I will continue the review only on Quaker Oats instead.


Quaker Raisin and Kishmish flavour has Raisins and sugar added along with lots of other spices. It also had nature identical colouring and flavouring substances that are permitted. (I still do not understand what these contain so far, but you can [take a look here]( to make your own assumptions)

The sugar present is 15.7g of every 100g, so for this sachet of 26g, the amount of sugar in the foodstuff is about 4g which is negleigible and okay to eat in my opinion for one serving.


Unlike previous Oatmeals, this one is prepared with milk instead of water – obviously a milk meal tastes better as compared to water oat meal for this flavour.


I generally do not have much confidence on the taste part of foods that originate out of the country, but I must say Quaker has perfected the taste behind a good oatmeal much like Saffola and they are more spot on with respect to their Oats. You just need to eat Quaker to believe the taste and quality. The meal is satisfying, filling and generally not too much of sugar or spice – just balanced out a whole lot.


Since the review focussed only on Quaker, and further the raisin and Kishmish flavour – the verdict is a big go from my side. Go for it, and you will be surprised your kids will slurp it up too so quickly that they must rename their brand Quicker instead of Quaker! 🙂