Flipkart announces Flipkart First – a priority customer support service on subscription model

Flipkart surely has many more things up its sleeve. Notwithstanding the assault mounted on this company by Amazon, Infibeam, Shopclues, Snapdeal and the rest of the online sites, Flipkart has taken the war to a totally new level – and its called **[Flipkart First](http://www.flipkart.com/flipkart-first?otracker=hp_widget_banner_0_image)!**

Its basically akin to a preferred customer concept where upon a yearly subscription you are given more preference over the others to make you satisfied for the impulsive shopper you are. Notable things you will receive as a subscriber to this juggernaut are free shipping, free in one day guarantee, priority over others, and a whopping 60 day replacement guarantee over the current 30 days. Whether or not it applies to all sellers is something not made clear yet. But in the history of Indian online shopping, this is perhaps the first time that someone is going to be able to get a 60 day replacement guarantee. I do wish it was a refund or replacement, instead of just replacement, but then we live in India 🙂 and this is good for a start.

Although not specific, they are promising more benefits shortly and its not really clear what more.

Coming to the most important factor, its not also clear what is the price for this kind of subscription model. Flipkart will announce that shortly. What would you be willing to pay for this? Let us know via the comments section. As for my opinion, a price of about Rs.1000 to Rs.2000/- will be optimal. One has to wait and see for the end result.

Online Shopping got more happier, and merrier especially when someone showers with you special attention. Enjoy your shopping!