Flipkart introduces buying clothing that you can try at home

How many times had you had to travel on a hot afternoon to the mall with your family for that clothing purchase? And those unimagniable number of people at the clothing section, and the ever full trial rooms brimming with clothes and people?

Add to it crying and cranky kids, who are also hungry, and a situation where you are not getting the right fit of clothes?
That should be enough for you to call it a day for shopping wouldn’t it ?

As though someone heard your cries for help for a better shopping experience, Flipkart has come up with the try before you buy offer for clothes. You can shop only by calling a phone number and mentioning the style code of the dress you saw online. Without changing style code, you can opt for two sizes other than the one you chose, so you have three sets to choose from. once you confirm your order, Flipkart will visit your house with the products, and you get 20 minutes to decide whether you like your order. If you do, you can pay cash on delivery. if you dont you can simply call flipkart and cancel the order.

The best part of this is buying things at the comfort of your home like everything flipkart, plus trying out the clothes at the comfort of your home as well. This is a big boon for people like me who hate mall culture and who doesnt want to spend a whole day in a trial room of a mall wasting my time on purchasing something which is not worth all that time spent.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try before you buy.