Norpro the chopper with a truly big mouth

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I am a fan of kitchen tools (using gadgets or appliances here would be wrong terminology). Each time I visit the home centre I always make it a point to keep myself updated about what the latest in kitchen tools are. However I still feel India needs to catch up with the west on introducing some great tools.

In the context of this dialogue, I happened to look out for vegetable choppers on shopping sites such as amazon USA for pointers to what is the best currently selling there. After a lot of debate on multiple choppers, I made up my mind to order the Norpro Vegetable chopper. Advertised as quite a heavy duty chopper – manual of course – I was pretty impressed with a stream of positive reviews on this tool.

An unlucky friend of mine (people who bring you things from usa are always unlucky for finding you and your job for them are they not?) agreed to carry this for me from there. Priced at a little over 25$ this sounded a nice tool to invest on for my kitchen. I have used multiple ways to get my veggies chopped and have never ever really felt good at the end result each time. The point here is to have one set of uniformly chopped veggie set which was great to look at and eat as well when cooked.


The Norpro chopper is a solid piece of hardware. Its build is very very solid, and thanks to its vacuum suction below the base, it sits tight on any kitchen platform. Real tight. Doesnt budge an inch even. It has two different blade sets which give different level of chop sizes for veggies. Now remember one thing – irrespective of the type of chopper you use, the basic rule of the kitchen is that you must cut your big veggies into few smaller pieces first instead of trying to stuff that huge potato, tomato or cabbage even into such tools. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And the end result wont be to your liking.

The Norpro is simple to use. Lift the lid, place the coarsely cut veggies on the blade and slam the lid down. Yes you heard me right, just slam the lid down. Absolute bliss. Carrots, onions, tomatoes, potatoes – fantastically cut and all evenly done. You cant ask for more. I mean how much more longer are you going to cry with that onion each day? With Norpro, it makes the onion cry instead in few seconds. Stainless steel blades ensure no rust atleast for the amount of time I have managed to use it. There is also a comb to clean up if things get stuck inside the blades. If you have a force tap, even this is not needed.


No post is complete without showing you the end result for such an experience is it not? Take a look yourself and judge the result.
If you have a little over 1000 rupees, and you need a veggie cutter, and want it to have a big mouth like you or me, go for Norpro. You wont be disappointed. Cutting vegetables has never been so easy or so much fun.