Why my mind switched from Maxpider car floor mats to 3M’s NOMAD

From a long while for many of my cars I had always dreamt of buying the Maxpider KAGU 3D floor mats. They were probably one of the most sensibly designed floor mats beautifully designed with a depth factor to help keep dirty legs contained within the mat area.

Also I believed that these car mats would help keep dust off the rest of the car footwell areas. Priced at about Rs.5000 and now about upto 2000 more, this was perhaps the best fit for any car.

Recently I had been to [**3M car care, HSR Layout**](https://plus.google.com/111780963333936319324/about?gl=in&hl=en) to get my Sunny interior cleaned with 3M special foam for about 2000 bucks a session. During that time, since I knew the service guys well, I casually chanced upon a floor mat roll being sold by 3M guys. I remarked that I am impressed with Maxpider and was looking forward to install it. This is the time some more sensible talk unfolded about 3M’s own car mat brand -the **NOMAD**. They showed me the mat which did not have 3D factor like depth dimension, but however had some other specific design meant to keep dust from flying around once the dust became dry inside the car footwell area.

Having said that, these 3M car mats retailed about 5000 bucks which was a similar price range to Maxpider brand. These mats also had noodle shaped loops over the mat, the speciality of which was to trap the dust from the footwear into the mat in its entirety. This further would not rake up the dust upon using the air conditioning and the finer dust particles thus would not be flying around which is very critical when we consider people with dust allergy traveling in the car.

3M also showed me a video of how these mats trapped dust and how easily the mats can be cleaned by just reversing the mat and tapping hard or gently onto its rear to release all the trapped dust. Furthermore 3M also proved to me that the mats could hold water for about 15-20 minutes in case of liquid spillage so that we can get just enough time to drop it off the car in order to protect other floor areas of the car. They had me sold on the product with this explanation and were generous to provide as much mat area necessary to achieve the stated results. They didn’t skimp on the amount of mat I got.

Further they also advised that the driver side mat would see some wear and tear due to driver’s feet which is always placed at a particular area on the mat. But the benefit was that I could just replace that side of the mat instead of the whole set had I gone with Maxpider brand or any other equivalent which I found sensible again.

Though its hard for me to in principle recommend that this would be the only brand of floor mat you would ever want, I would nevertheless say here that 3M is practical with their research and releases a product into the market only when it does what it says on the tin. Same is the case with their floor mats as well. Seems practical for now, and does a neat job of keeping the flying dust particles in control. When I do not hear anyone sneezing inside the car, I know my decision was right in installing these mats.

If you are interested in these mats check them out at a 3M car care showroom near you.