Faasos food ordering experience and review

I had the option of ordering food from Faasos sometime back. I had just left office and was halfway to my home, when I realized that I was getting hungry and impatient to have some good food. I had about thirty minutes left to cross my limits of staying hungry and needed some food before that. Sure I could have just stopped my car and eaten something before coming home, but with Bangalore traffic, the thought of never reaching home had to keep me going on the road.
I quickly took out my iPhone, where I had the Faasos app loaded, and since I was at a traffic signal where traffic had come to a dead stop, I was jobless and so started browsing the food menu on their app. They have a limited number of items, but well packaged and one can easily find the food type they need via the categories section. For some food types like rice items, they have three different sizes of boxes depending on whether you are ordering for yourself, or family. I quickly picked the item I need, entered my address, chose Cash on Delivery option to avoid going through payment gateways and was greeted with an “in-progress” screen which told me how soon my food could reach me.

In this particular case, the timing was just right. Thirty minutes. So me reaching home and the food reaching home was just at the same time as per calculations. Now in case you are wondering how I was so accurate about me reaching home in this traffic, I have done this for a whole year now and can gauge roughly how long I need to get home. 23701450223_0b84b8b821_o
Once I reached home, the app showed me that there was three minutes left for my food to get delivered, but there was no sign of the delivery guy. I was wondering whether they will even turn up on time, and when the timer stopped at zero, surely there he was with my food right in front of my home. I have no idea how these guys maintain time, but this alone is just enough for me to order through them again. They are highly predictable, and they always have an outlet nearby which makes them reach on time unlike the olden days pizza deliveries which was entirely dependent on traffic conditions!
The food itself was a bit spicy to my liking, but enough to fill you up for the night. The bills were not crazy either and no extra tips either. For the single item I booked, the bill was Rs.150/-. Very reasonable if you ask me to satisfy your hunger pangs. Would I order again from them, surely yes! Would I recommend Faasos to others, surely yes. Go ahead try them once, and I am sure you would have the same opinion as me.

Happy Eating !