The floating stones at Dhanushkodi

All of us know the fact that in the Ramayana, Rama along with his monkey friends were able to set foot in lanka on a bridge built by the monkey kings. This journey was done from dhanushkodi from where Sri Lanka is just twenty kilometres away. Have you ever wondered how a bridge built using stones can remain afloat without being submerged in the water? This bridge is also called the Rama Setu bridge which is clearly visible on the Google Maps as seen below.


Well the answer lies in a small temple there in the form of porous floating stones which formed the basis of such a bridge construction and is there for us to see, touch and feel for ourselves. Whether you want to believe this or not is another question altogether but it doesn’t harm to check it out and understand isn’t it?
There are also various online forums where this topic is debated. You can find one such forum here.
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Meanwhile I will leave you with a video of the floating stone at the temple which you can see if you go there. If you were at dhanushkodi and saw these stones then share your opinion on this blog on what you feel about them!