Why Confident Dental Care is on its path to being the best dental clinic in Bengaluru

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If you have been to a dentist in your life – which most us would have – you will know what your mind will get worried about : the pain when the doctor attends to your teeth. And in all fairness, why not? After all teeth are sensitive areas which when handled roughly will cause a lot of pain.

My quest in life was always to find at least one dental clinic which provided me with a decent experience. The last few times it was about taking out tooth or just dental cleaning. But I suddenly realized that I had caries – or cavities that were beginning to grow. I had to address it pretty soon and hence had to find a clinic to go to.

Dental Advice

Before I get any further with the actual topic a few things about teeth, and doctors attending to teeth and teeth products

  • Teeth need to be cleaned every six months at the minimum and one year at the maximum
  • This is about the time it takes for plaque to accumulate
  • Brushing teeth is not helpful for removing plaque – but if done correctly it can arrest formation of plaque
  • Any grooves in your teeth are typically the places where food can settle down
  • This cannot be removed by mere rinsing and mouthwash or brushing – sometimes you need to put your finger and take out the food particles off the teeth
  • It is very important to floss between teeth – but bear in mind its time consuming and its worth investing time to prevent food particles from accumulating
  • If your gums are very weak and teeth feel like falling off there are technologies today that are able to reverse that trend – you need a good doctor to tell you all this
  • The doctor that sees an adult is not the same who should be seeing a child – take of this when visiting a clinic
  • A clinic that does not understand your prior medical conditions before attending to your current dental problem has inexperienced people
  • The more harder you brush your teeth the toothbrush actually has a good chance to scrape your enamel out – so be extremely gentle with your teeth
  • You need to brush longer and slower – not faster
  • Mouthwash is known to have alcohol and lots of other chemicals and prolonged use of these means the bacteria in your mouth will get resistant and will no longer be able to protect your body
  • A good doctor must recommend to you to discontinue mouthwash unless for medical reasons to last not more than a fortnight
  • The key to having good teeth is to not let food particles accumulate in your teeth overnight each night and to brush slow and steady to ensure no food is stuck anywhere in the mouth
  • There are lots of advances in the dental field today and each of these have a good amount of merits
  • There are different types of fillings in the market – amalgam, resin etc – its very person specific on which ones will cause allergies to whom. So one solution is not for all
  • Toothpastes have sugar – so for over 30 to 40 years we have all while growing up unknowingly consumed this sugar early in the morning
  • Sugarless toothpastes are available – but you won’t feel like brushing with them unless you develop a taste for them
  • Salt water rinsing each night is the best medicine for bad bacteria in the mouth and its the simplest you can follow
  • Oil pulling helps to whiten teeth and generally remove dirt from teeth but not everyone can bear the taste of coconut oil in your mouth for too long
  • There are a variety of anaesthesia available to address procedures like root canal or dentures which makes the whole experience painless – the better the doctor is aware you are in safe hands
  • Cost of procedures is on the higher side and it is inevitable if you want good options – so be prepared to repair your teeth even for Rs.10,000 considering you have screwed it up for 30 yrs without taking care 
  • Fluoride toothpastes have a risk of causing cancer but they are the best suited to reducing sensititivity
  • A good clinic and panel of doctors is often successful only by word of mouth rather than general reviews

Confident Dental Clinic

Now are you confident you have good teeth ? Are you confident about your doctors and their level of skill ? Are you confident you will have less pain ? Mainly are you confident you are in good hands? Like people say, some humans have golden hands. This means they are adept and the work they undertake always succeeds with immense satisfaction to the people involved. Enter Confident Dental Care. Run by a very successful team and having two branches in Bangalore (Rajajinagar and HSR Layout) the clinic is headed by a person having success in his name : Saphal Shetty, an prosthodontist – or a person who restores teeth cosmetically.

Their long term vision states

To provide higher standards of affordable dental care with a commitment to excellence, using state-of-the-art technology, and having a highly qualified professional team.

And their mission states

To make a paradigm for excellence in dentistry and oral health in an ethical manner, within a comfortable ambience that also reflects clinical sophistication.

Every business has to go by its core values and Confident are no different. Let me tell you how I felt with respect to their core values

1. Every Patient Is Important.

You know they surely do business by this value when you enter their clinic – a very warm welcome followed by few queries and apologies on long wait times if any and a structured way of attending to patients.
These days a business in India never gives so much attention to detail – but when you live by your values then this happens automatically whether you want it or not.

2. Ethics Is Our Motto.

Whether it is timings or fees, or their professionalism I have no doubt in the way they go by ethics. Absolutely no deviation from ethical behavior in any manner.
This leaves patients very satisfied and glad to talk more to the doctors

3. Stay up-to-date with the latest technological and scientific advancements.

For any business to stay relevant in the market and especially so on the medical side, one has to understand and be abreast of scientific advancements all the time. Confident goes one step further. They educate not only themselves but also patients by running relevant videos on large TV screens in the clinic. This gives you the feeling that the panel is surely up to date on advancements in the field.

4. Respect The Patient’s Opinion.

Any business will flourish and earn good opinions from the community they serve only if they have a penchant for soliciting feedback all the time. And if the patient has an opinion – good or bad – the business has to address it. Patients’ testimonials and reviews of the clinic are good indicators of how people feel about the place. And I can confidently say Confident hears the patients and makes them feel very comfortable at all times. Not only when they are attending to your problem but even with follow ups and subsequent interactions. If the patient says something that may not be correct – they still respect it and clarify to the patient further. This needs a different level of rules of engagement keeping the point #1 in mind – every patient is important.

Further Google reviews of any place is usually very blunt – you find more negative reviews than any serious positive ones. Confident Dental Care bucks that trend. Every single review on Google is positive – something a business finds it difficutlt to get unless they walk the talk. – You can see for yourself :

Dental Reviews on Google

Agreed 36 reviews is perhaps insufficient to draw a conclusion and may not represent all of the people who came into the place for treatment. But when all 36 reviews are so positive it does give encourgement for others to try out the place. I myself was one such person who decided to meet them based on these reviews. Word of mouth works, but this was online !

I was personally attended by Dr. Kanya for caries and dental cleaning and polishing – and for all the previous times I have been through this painful procedure, this time it was mostly painless. Let us bear in mind that your teeth reacts to sensitivity based on how your body is structured. So this can vary from person to person. But my doctor was patient to pause the procedure whenever I felt pain until I could continue again. You need a sensible style of working to accomodate these things.

As soon as I entered the place an X-Ray was taken in order to determine the extent of damage. These are all proactive measures and should not be done on request. Any dentist needs to work with data and investment on equipment to give this data is more than welcome. Makes the whole experience more professional. The place itself is kept really clean – spotlessly clean at all times. They follow international standard procedures for storing samples, or other critical things in the lab.

The reason I tell you this is I have seen other clinics not far from this place which are rudimentary and handle the items in the work area without care. When my filling procedure was done, I was informed of the choice of filling that can be used for my case and my opinion was also taken for the same even though I came with half baked knowledge from WikiPedia

Through the procedure sometimes I felt cold and the AC was switched off on my request. Further the conversations doctor had with attendant was in whispers so as to not disturb me. Small things really go a long way to show how carefully work must be done. No shouting around the place, no chit chat and very serious and time bound for the sessions. Absolute focus is critical in these situations to ensure patient comfort and doctors went out of the way to make it so for me. Further no phone calls in between, even the light from the lamp was constantly adjusted so as not to cause discomfort to the patient.

Facilities in Confident Dental Clinic

The thing with this clinic and its people – they are obsessed with quality and cleanliness. They constantly take steps for patient comfort, education and keeping patient happy at all times. Only when you are obsessed about perfection you can attain excellence. I see that all the doctors here are trained the same way to maintain the same amount of ethical behavior. This deserves praise. No wonder then if you read some of the reviews by clicking the link here, you can understand that people who have returned to India from abroad have felt at home here just like the way they felt there. This is never easy for a business to attain. Global dental facilities in your local neighborhood.

I work with a Swiss company and am obsessed about the finer points in doing things in life of late. I can confidently say in this post that of the many clinics I have visited so far in Bangalore since my childhood – Confident Dental Care is the best by far when it comes to valuing patients time and opinion and creating a facility which is state of the art, clean and duty bound. The doctors soft skills, technical knowledge on the domain and the golden hands Dr.Saphal and his team has is the icing on the cake. I know that my teeth is in good hands for a long time to come. I will also take my entire family there in the longer run.

But what is more important is that the panel of doctors here have given me deeper and easy insights into how to keep my teeth healthy in the long run – these are not jargons, but things I can understand and easily do each day.

Thank you Confident Dental, I am so happy that there is a fantastic dental clinic in the most Dynamic City in the world – Namma Bengaluru !

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