The desert safari sand dune bashing experience – an event that you willforever remember!

Some history …

In my previous post you would have read about the buggy ride experience that we had at the Desert Safari tour. The day continued towards the late afternoon when the sun went down a bit and after the buggy rides, we rode our hummer onward to the dune bashing area.

Dune bashing landscape

When you reach a certain region of the desert you can notice that the landscape automatically changes to drifting sands which form small mounds and the whole region looks a bit hilly with some small mounds leading to larger bigger slopes. By the time our earlier buggy ride was over, the driver had by then reduced the air/nitrogen in the tyres of our hummer substantially which made the car adaptable to being driven in the sand.

With lesser air/nitrogen in the tyres the hummer suddenly swerved from the main highway right into the sand dunes. And before we knew it, the famous “Boushret Kheir” song from Hussain Al Jassmi, the Arab world’s proclaimed artist, was rocking the hummer already. And then began the roller coaster ride.

For first timers this would be nerve wracking a bit, but you must understand that these drivers drive here every single day of the year mostly and they are extremely well trained.

All you need to do, just like me is to hold on to the vehicle and enjoy the ride. Of course I was terrified of having a slide into the sand mounds on the hummer and I did not get a chance to drive it either due to obvious reasons of safety. But then after few seconds it was just pure joy. Up and down and up and down a convoy of our hummer with a few other Toyota land cruisers dotted the sand dune landscape for a whole 10-15 minutes till we cried in joy just wanting more of that over and over again.

Sunset point

After the mood changing sand dune bashing was over we reached what is known as a sun set point. Here we can spend a while to see the sun go down although we needed to get away before it became too dark lest we could not see where we were going.

It is not recommended to drive here alone during night and it is very easy for someone to get lost here. And without food or water you are inviting trouble. At this sunset point, we can see how the wind shifts the sands from one place to another. If you are the types who enjoys the small things in life then you will enjoy this.

Camel camp

From here we drove to the camel camp where we spent a while looking at camels feeding and being taken care of. It is not much of stuff to see but you do get to see a camp overlooking the highway from where you can see stunning desert sunsets like nowhere else.

After this most interesting drive was done, the hummer tyres were inflated again to full capacity and we made our way to the final part of the evening – the desert safari camp for an evening filled with food and performances. Look forward to my next post where I will bring to you glimpses of those events!

Stunning views of the sunset across the highway …