A new outlook for 2022

A drive along the Chennai Bangalore highway

As 2021 came to a close, I realised that it was a full year from my last blog post on the bangalore blog. This meant a lot of things in between that took away my time. I got into two hobbies – biking and singing.

New hobbies

Since that last post, I have now managed to put up 10000km on my BMW which is the single best thing I have done in my life.

The other aspect of course is singing – I got into Smule App being a shy guy. I wanted to learn the nuances of singing correctly without the stage fear. A somewhat botched attempt to sing at my cousin’s wedding wanted me to aspire for much better stuff. With about 500 contributions so far on Smule, I now have come to a much better understanding of how to sing well and am much more confident to go on stage again. And it is pretty much time for another cousin to get married.

I have so many in my own generation who are not married yet so that would mean good food and great times for these weddings yet to come.

Covid attack

As I navigated the entire 2021 first trying to get vaccinated, then trying to be as safe as I could be with my family, we managed not to get into this Virus effect until now. Just when I thought I would start blogging again, Omicron hit us and the entire family is now recovering. Whether to feel bad that the virus hit us, or to feel good Delta did not hit us last year when we were not vaccinated, your guess is as good as mine on what I must be thinking.

Good things and bad

I spend the entire covid reign time in finalizing a house for myself which I am happy about so as to look out for a change in the near future. It is not going to be easy to handle this, but what is life without excitement!

I sold my SUV/MUV since I rationalized with myself that I am biking more than driving and I least bit have any regrets on what I did. It is liberating without a car occupying a driveway and not being driven anywhere versus to find a BMW bike which I can actually ride always and loads of space in the same driveway at home.

I still have a small car which too I do not drive much. So I think it is the end of cars for us as such.

I changed my job too into something much more involving, but the timings and the load worked on my mental health a bit and biking and singing balanced it out when it got a bit too much. I have now learnt what I need on a job that I take up and one of the options is to also retire if there is an opportunity.

Dawn of 2022 somewhere near Kolar

I also did not renew my blog on time and since the domain expired, I did it a bit late but also thought this is a good opportunity to move back to wordpress, a platform that I loved a lot for its ease of writing blog posts. And here I am doing precisely that with my new version of the bangalore blog.

As usual I will continue to bring you interesting info surrounding my life and my favourite city Bengaluru as time goes by, and wish you visit my blog often to share my happiness.

So here is to the new version of the wordpress hosted Bangalore Blog.