What has kept me busy….

Its been nearly more than two years since my last post. A pandemic in between, situations in the family, movement of content from blogs to vlogs, family and other priorities needing more time, some hobbies along the way where I got serious, and office consuming most of my time – you get the idea.

I am still not dead. Very much alive and kicking, still investing into gadgets, food, cars and bikes. I am at point in time where I do everything I want to because YOLO!

further I am in zen mode mostly. No liabilities with banks, and generally eased out living except for the focus on work. And when else to work the most if not now during what’s potentially the last decade of my career? 🙂

I am here to write more and I will continue to when I get time. I hope you would continue to support me by reading along as I bring to you interesting facets as I pass through life. In the age of instagram, twitter, shorts – I still feel there’s an avenue to write and one to read whats written pretty much like the hard bound books we still read even in the age of kindle.