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Hosting is a tricky business. Especially for people like you and me. Not because we dont know how to host, but because we dont know when the host will run away overnight making you host all over again. Then again this is why there are websites that help you compare a plethora of webhosts who offer webhosting

I read as many reviews as I could and I saw that there were a set of famous five who turned up in every result of webhosting reviews. While all these were more or less of the same cost, it then all boiled down to just the features and reliability of a webhost especially with respect to them sticking around for a long time as well as their techsupport timeline. I found two webhosts who were worth mentioning.

Fat Cow – www.fatcow.com and JustHost – www.justhost.com .

FatCow was a bit more expensive but at that price did not offer the feature set that JustHost was able to manage at 20% lesser price than the former. Unlimited webspace, unlimited FTP, traffic (bandwidth), unlimited emails, subdomains, databases – and if you decided to withdraw from them, they entice you with a 50% off for another year, meaning you pay only for six months to be with them for another year.

Page loading times were fast, their control panel was added with more features than the usual.Tech support was an area where they were lacking. But then so did others. I found FatCow the best in technical support, they went that extra mile in what they offered to the customers. But Justhost was a near second and I have never really had any problems with them either. Offering one year of hosting at about $40 with all these features mentioned above, its then only natural to be with them.

I am loving JustHost and I believe they care for their customers a lot. Keep up the good work JH!

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aShopCommerce : possibly one of the best shopping cart software around on the web!

You have an online business, and now want to make your products accessible to the public. What better way than to have an ecommerce framework designed to just that? No hold on! Now there is a much easier way to integrate a shopping cart software onto your site. aShopcommerce just does that and in style.What I liked about their website is the elegant design, which is simple to look at and understand all information about their offerings. The features for the shopping cart are nicely defined classified into setup, inventory, layout and design, payment options, shipping and tax information, web optimization, sales analysis and service and support sections, security and many more such sections.

If you are selling less than 500 products, for as little as 69$ a month, you can have all these features integrated as a shopping cart software, into your own site. On the higher end you can list upto 5000 whopping amount of products/merchandise for as little as $350 per month. What you get in return for that is a completely pluggable ecommerce software. For a list of features click here

From customizable themes for your cart, complete control over product information, integration with well known payment gateways, hosting of the shopping cart, databases and sms alerts, ashopcommerce has it all for you. So if you are a budding vendor who just wants to make it big in the online shopping market, look no place else. Click here now for some great shopping cart software.

Better caring the better way.

Have you ever wondered who will take care of you when you are old? Have you ever wondered how old age care homes in other countries work? Bettercare is one such website which answers this and many such questions. It is a service which helps you find the best nursing homes available for caring for your elders.

The website itself is neatly designed and easy to read and understand. It has three major classifications – your care options which provide you a list of options for care homes available around your location, News and views which shares important news about care for the elderly, and a nifty and sweet forum for like minded people waiting for care or giving care to discuss the topic.

The first section deals with different types of care – care from home, rented residential care and finance based care options. It also contains links to charity organisations around you. The news and views section has news snippets, expert talks, and tips to lead a healthy life. The forum allows users to talk to each other, and the section also contains letters sent by visitors and nostalgic experiences shared on the site.

So if you are looking for inputs on nursing homes, go no further. BetterCare is the best example!

Portable DVD Player from digitalframez

In earlier times watching movies was possible only on a TV or a standalone DVD player or perhaps a laptop which came with lots of associated peripherals. This not only increased complexity but also reduced the entertainment scale with such huge devices. For people on the move this was really bad until portable DVD players entered the scene.

Whats essential about portable DVD players is to keep track of its size, the disc formats supported, the outputs it provides so that it can be used with a variety of other devices, and the sound quality too to some extent. Having said that Digitalframez offers a trendy portable 10 inch DVD player. With most movies getting over between 2-3 hours, this player has about 4 hours of playtime which is a good thing. You could always end up one whole movie without battery fuss! And whats more it even charges off your cigarette charger in the car, making it worthwhile a gadget to possess for those long drives.

One another important thing to consider with a portable DVD player is the type of file formats it is capable of playing. In that respect the Digitalframez portable dvd player also is equipped to play divx files, and thats a huge boon considering that most DVDs are on divx format these days. It also plays photos, mp3 and other files! Armed with a TV tuner it makes it possible for a dual use mode, to watch either TV shows or DVD discs. At $239 its a steal.

America – ready for christmas gifts yet?

The holiday season is just a few months away! First Halloween, thenThanksgiving, and before you know it, you’ll be stuffing stockings!Don’t worry, CouponChief is here for you. Make a wishlist of your household family members and think of themost amazing gift you would buy for them, if you could. Don’t forgetthe pets!

Check out the amazing deals here: Best Buy and Amazon . Do more online shopping here!

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Portable Scanner: Scanshell 2000N is the ideal A4 color scanner

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable document scanner is the ideal A4 colorscanner for the busy professionals and executives. This lightweight andconvenient scanner is powered using only the USB 2.0 port. TheScanShell 2000N (2000NR)is conveniently carried along with a laptop andrequires a minimal footprint on the desktop.

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable scanneris a lightweight(14oz/390g) mobile scanner that requires no external power adapter. ItsUSB 2.0 port connection feature allows for a fast and easy one-cablehook up to your notebook or desktop PC and the unique “launch” buttonstarts your imaging application instantly.

Bundled software
DocShell is an easy to use utility that scan documents and exportthe scanned image into existing, pre-installed application on theuser’s pc (PDF,Microsoft paint etc.). The scanned document can be savedto one of the following image types: BMP, JPG, TIF, PSD, PCX, PNG orTGA.
Scan2Contacts our business-card scanning module for MS Outlook ®.

Payperpost – A unique opportunity to earn with your reviewing/posting skills

For the past two years I was blogging very personally. It was only this year that I decided to go public with my thoughts to write. It was due to this step that I got introduced to PayPerPost, a unique website that leverages these skills of mine and enables me to review the links the provide. So without wasting much time, I ll go straight to the point of reviewing their site.

For beginners, the site main menu is well organized on top of the page, and gives you links to go to various sections where you can easily get conversant with how to set up your account, your dashboard, your PPP tools and also check on your posts. A very simple, uncluttered menu design in my opinion.

The dashboard has among other things your earnings, a simple button menu with various settings on your account and a box showing opportunities available for you to take up. It also has advert spots showing what are the opportunities available in a more pictorial form so that you can relate to it. Also below to encourage you is the list of highest earners, which can help you know more about them, make friends with them and perhaps learn how they manage to earn so well and try the same for yourself. I do however feel the dashboard can be simplified by putting the pictorial adverts in a seperate page to avoid clutter!

The opportunties menu item brings you to the list of opportunties which are displayed as per the classification of either being available to you or not. You can also zero in on either posts that are available, or those posts you can additionally take up, etc to simplify this list. it also shows how much you get paid, and the number of votes (popularity) of the advertiser. The PPP tools section contain many aids like banners, forms which you can easily install on your blog/website by copying code for the same. Its a nice way of letting users know which type of recommendation to pay per post are available and helps them select what they want most to their liking. Additionally also is a firefox plugin.

The myblogs section is self explanatory where you can manage one or more blogs of yours. Here what I liked is the fact that it shows whether the PPP tools are installed on this blog and whether your blog is available/participating in the market place and in the direct space. Google and Alexa rankings are also shown for reference which is a good pointer for your to keep note of and contribute more to achieve high ranks!

The myposts section is again self explanatory. It gives status about your blogs and what posts you have contributed for the opportunities listed.

Now coming to the most interesting aspect of PPP : Why you are encouraged to write and earn? The reason is simple and in front of your eyes. You have skills, there are advertisers, and there are things that you can review fairly and frankly. And you get paid for it as a gift ! All this put together brings your creativity to the fore and you can write cool things you like/dislike about any given opportunity.

Thats not all, generally blogging makes friends for you. and PPP multiplies that possiblity. You get to know more people, things what they do, and also the general marketplace musings! So what are you waiting for? Join PPP now and start making money while enjoying reviewing opportunities!

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