The Dyson V11 absolute pro review

Introduction   After being accustomed to Eureka Forbes for most part of my life with the demo man coming to my home and later managing to convince me to buy one of their vacuum cleaners each single time, I slowly moved on to the likes of Karcher. All of these vacuum cleaners however were wired andContinue reading “The Dyson V11 absolute pro review”

Review of the sharp air purifier and humidifier KC-F30E-W.

Introduction After years of struggling with Bangalore’s weather, I tried to understand why my kid was getting sick with asthmatic symptoms over and over again. It struck me there’s something about the air quality that creates this problem other than the pollen in the air.Looking at Bangalore go from bad to worse it was onlyContinue reading “Review of the sharp air purifier and humidifier KC-F30E-W.”